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Translation Services for a Growing World

Experience our professional quality services

Rossion Inc. provides superior quality, full-service translation and interpretation services.
For over 20 years we have delivered a tailored, professional, and confidential service to a wide range of national and international companies and organizations.

  • Our stringent quality assurance processes ensure:
  • • hand-picked, fully trained, certified, professional and experienced translators and interpreters to deliver the highest quality translations to businesses and individuals
  • • professional and experienced project management
  • • quality business practices

We specialize in medical, pharmaceutical, technical and non technical translations in over 180 languages, including back translation, and we are committed to delivering a customer-centered service where your satisfaction and confidentiality is guaranteed.

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Specialized Industries

  • Rosion pharmaceutical translation
    Clinical Studies, Research & Development, Clinical Trials, Patents
  • Rossion industry translation
    Medical devices, Health Care, Research & Development, Psychological studies
  • Rossion heavy industry translation
    Heavy Industry, Mining & Metallurgy, Architecture & Structures
  • Rossion Technical Engineering
    Computer Software, Hardware, Telecommunications